Photo Credit: Dr Micheal Murray/ doctormurray.com


Dad used to tell me that

Life doesn’t start after college

Life starts from birth

From the very moment of the musical tune that heralds the joy of motherhood

Humanity is the epitome of life

A beautiful imperfection that responds to love


I was named Nathaniel, after that biblical character

Who doubted the light coming out of darkness

But now I am learning to see the silver lining in life’s storms

Though life could hit you in the face

With your battered features

Keep smiling

And life could be stereotypical like the format for writing essays, the dress code to class or the proverbial cakes and creams for birthdays

But in all these order there is a kaleidoscopic entropy giving expressions to our heart desires


That desire to be you

The unique you


Though the walls of this college not painted in loves hue

Let charity induce your actions

May it inspire you


Replace your cries of boredom

And your woes of mediocrity

With thankfulness and gratitude

For a surrounding of serenity

You are not hounded by terrorists or those who capture innocent girls

Your only fears are those macheted thieves

Who are only the pallid reflection of poverty


You have love, friends and fun

All these make up the beauty of your existence

Life is not hard, it’s only challenging

It’s not a bed of roses – but it’s still a bed

And they say, as you lay your bed so you shall lie on it

So the challenge is up to you


Whether you are pulling your socks up

or working for that distinction

do it now, enjoy the very moment

Never sympathizing with evil.



Nathaniel Seun.jpg


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