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I heard it clearly, the phone beeped as she brought it down from her richly studded ear. It took one glance at her to tell she was in trouble and needed to speak with whoever it was that minute. The look on her face was heart-wrenching but she looked like she could hit me in the face if I approached her. I studied her briefly; the waist-length braids, the earrings that lined her pinna, the T-Shirt with the skull inscription, the look of despair on her face, she looked like she had things rough.

I went close to her, “Do you want to use my phone?”

She looked slightly surprised as she took the phone, not saying a word. She did dial the number and it turned out she was speaking with her brother about someone’s hospital admission.

“Really? She is fine?” Her hands covered her mouth as her eyes watered.  She didn’t care that I stood there as she let the tears run down freely.

I watched her as she hurriedly finished her conversation.

“I hope I didn’t finish your airtime” She said as she turned to me, wiping her face, obviously relieved as she took the phone down.

“It’s okay” I was shocked myself and the turn of events.

She mumbled her gratitude as she walked away hurriedly.

Gratitude filled my heart, I was glad that I stopped to help someone in need even when it was spontaneous.

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Photo credit: Pinterest




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