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Essential pre-exam sedation(2)

Photo credit: The SYDNEY English Teacher blog In this post, Teniola continues to share with us on essential pre-exam sedation, Pathogenic pre-exam sedation secondary to systemic affectation and diseases some of which include: Accidents e.g. falls Infections: Malaria, Typhoid fever, GIT infections Dysmenorrhea Drug abuse and so on. Essential/ Primary/Idiopathic Pre-exam sedation is the area of focus… Continue reading Essential pre-exam sedation(2)

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Essential pre-exam sedation (1)

Photo credit: The Syndey English Teacher blog Teniola is the author today, her topic is essential pre-exam sedation. Many people should be able to relate to what she has to share with us. Essential Pre-exam sedation- cause, course and management. Introduction: Pre-Exam sedation is an idiopathic and common illness which could be non-detrimental; producing no apparent… Continue reading Essential pre-exam sedation (1)